Mrs Pullan HU18

Week 1 - just starting but found it did help Week 2 - I find it better especially the aches and pains and sleeping better Week 3 - It now seems to be working like magic on all parts of the body Week 4 - Great, finding it extremely worthwhile and would recommend to others

Mr Williams WS5

Enjoying the therapy time with general improvement overall. More than happy with my purchase.

Mr White B60

I find quite a difference with my back now. I only use it every other day, it has helped me to walk better also to do my exercises. Thank you.

Mrs Thornley WV4

I just want you to know how thrilled I am with my therapy unit. When I first had the unit three months ago I was taking three strong pain killers a day and now I have had 3 weeks without any pain relief [pain killers]. So thank you once again for the unit and service I have received.

Miss Shuttleworth HU5

Aged 49 years and suffering with cartilage issues and hip and knee pain (scale 7 out of 10). Weeks 1&2 - Really strange after 2 days of therapy both am & pm my pain got worse!! - decidedly worse (scale 9 out of 10). However I stuck with it and by the end of week 1 I could definitely feel a marked decrease in pain and my back felt freer, like my muscles had been opened and relaxed. After time also my muscles don't seem to be 'snappy' back into constriction. Seems a sensible result to having continued daily treatment rather than a one off massage. Week 3 - Again 2x daily treatment 'swell' at night (slightly increased in intensity) and 'pulse' in the morning. My use of pain killers has more than halved with me only needing them after a particularly hard day on my feet. Week 4 - I feel brilliant compared to what I did. It has changed my mood and my pain killer use is now minimal. Long may this continue, this has been without a doubt my best investment ever!

Mr Brown DN16

Week 1 - my pains in my legs has gone off to what they were. I am sleeping a lot better. The pins and needles in my feet have gone off and I can feel my toes. Week 2 - walking a lot better, no pain and more energy. Decorated my bedroom - not been able to do things like that for ages. I am getting a lot better every week, well worth the money. Week 3 - feel my toes, not got pins and needles in my legs, not getting up in the night. Week 4 - very good no swollen legs, walking further, no pain. Pleased I have got it [therapy mattress] well worth the money.

Mr Wright LN11

Week 1 - I have 15 minutes at night time and 15 minutes in the morning and I'm feeling great. My knees are great the swelling has gone down on my knees which were very swollen. Week 2 - I have arthritis and also diabetic and many more complaints. But since I have been on my bed it has helped me so very much in more ways than I thought it would. Week 3 - I'm still improving, my legs are getting better by the day, my knees are not so swollen. It's helping my circulation quite a lot. I'm feeling better by the week. Week 4 - I'm sleeping so much better, when I wake in the night for the bathroom I drop to sleep in seconds. I feel so much more comfort in my bed, I don't know how I slept before I got my bed. Thank you so much. My wife has her 30 minutes a day and she is feeling really fit, it has helped her legs so much. Thank you.

Mr Croxall WS12

I am very pleased with relief offered by your product. A noticeable reduction in pain and improvement in mobility. Would happily recommend to anyone! Thanks!!

Mrs Howes WF7

I've enjoyed trying the different programmes and feel so much better. Lovely after gardening, particularly after excess bending. Things are improving all round. Sleep better even though it's so warm. When anyone says "You're walking better" I tell them how! Thank you for your support.

Mrs Haylor B91

I have noticed I am getting up stairs more easily, quicker, sleeping straight away after pm use. Wonderful, relaxing, I am walking a bit further. A bit more supple, feel as though I can stretch more as my back is letting me. Because I am feeling that I have more energy I am doing more. Very pleased.